Monday, April 29, 2013

5 remarkable ways to give mom flowers that last

Flowers for mothers day is a no brainer. But what if you want to show your mom you love her all year long? When you think about all the diapers, dishes, and drama she has dealt with through the years, she probably deserves more than one day of blooms.

vest detail

Five remarkable ways to give your mama flowers this year

1. Flower CSA or subscription. So many farms with community supported agriculture programs offer bouquets as add ons in their crates and some farms specialize in flowers. Do a google search in your mom's area to see if you can hook her up with a weekly bouquet that is fresh, seasonal and shows off the beauty of her region.

2. Plant a flower garden together.  A window box or planter for her patio can be sweet for mom's with limited space.  If your mom is an established gardener, offer a day of weeding, a packet of interesting annuals or special variety of one of her favorites. Think outside the box and delight her with gorgeous edibles like herbs, beans, peas, or even grains.

I think its best to buy seeds from companies that specialize in your climate. Around here (as in down the street)I love Uprising Organics. Don't overlook your farmers market for growers who may offer seeds, starts and bulbs perfectly suited for her backyard.

3. Don't want to get dirt under your nails?  Go cyber blossoms.
Erin {Floret} april 23 arrangement from seasonal bouquet project
 I just fell in love with the seasonal bouquet project. It's a weekly blog kept by two farmers with an amazing sense of style on opposite coasts posting a bouquet they created with local flowers. Here's how to make it a gift: You and your mom each bookmark the blog and share which bouquet you liked best in a text, email or phone call each week. Stay connected and always have as a beautiful conversation starter.

4. Never too old to create art. I find myself sending Franklin's scribbles these days but not taking the time to make a sketch or watercolor myself. Wouldn't your mom be delighted to open an envelope bursting with tissue paper and glitter, stickers and paint. Recreate a favorite elementary school craft or use it as an excuse to have a creative playdate with whatever art supplies you have around the home or office.

5. A felt flower from moth and squirrel will last throughout the years. A pin is a great option for dressing up jackets, hats or bags. She can even just pin it to a bulletin board. Or if your mama has a bit more flair, flowers for the hair will make her feel super special.

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