Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Digging on Pinterest or what I do when not sewing for moth and squirrel

 These are stamped garden markers Franklin and I made following a project in Weekend Handmade by Kelly Wilkinson. I like that mine shows where we tried to plant something and franklin's indicates where there is chaos and mystery. Gardening with a toddler or folks with disabilities (one of my other jobs) certainly introduces plenty of chaos into a garden. After this brief photo shoot he pulled all the markers into a neat pile, ate some mint and whacked rose bushes with a stick. Then we went into the back patch where he  uncovered quite a handful of beans to see if the water had "woken them up" yet. 

Along with poking in the dirt, I am super interested in the cultural phenomenon that is Pinterest. In fact these photos are as much about me practicing taking "Pinnable" images as it is about showing off garden crafts or franklin. With so many creative individuals documenting every detail of their lives, it can feel impossible to be unique. And looking at so many delicious boards can make one envious and seething with desire. But then there is a beauty in discovering these common desires: quirky work zones, gorgeous flowers, people on bicycles, delicious food, fantastic shoes, children who cooperate with photo shoots, the time to construct things from pallets and mason jars....

I had been fairly dismissive of Pinterest (partially due to the cranky old computer) until I read this blog post by Megan Auman. It got me excited about the nature of visual communication and inspired to improve my own camera skills to share my take on craft and recycling. Although there are lots of "ideas to steal"on Pinterest (or etsy), I think when it comes to making objects by hand, the very act of making it with your own hands will change it. And in those slow stitches, it becomes your own.  And how awesome is that to put images out into the virtual world that inspire people to make their lives a little more cozy and lovely?

Monday, June 18, 2012

just hatched

which came first, the chicken or the folk art?
Last Saturday the farmers market was pretty rainy and slow. Which is actually the best time for conversation and connection with friends and neighbors, those brave souls who come out to support us when it would be easier to stay home. I had time to chat with Diana of Scratch and Peck Feeds when she bought a t-shirt cap with a random chicken print on it. She wanted a chicken pin. I have been wanting to design a new pin for some time that uses my tiny t-shirt scraps. I have a long standing love affair with chickens in my art, so it was just the suggestion I needed to inspire me in the studio today. Here are the first hatched, I'm sure there will be more.

Friday, June 15, 2012

recent creations

cashmere striped chicken vest. for an adorable adult!