Monday, April 29, 2013

5 remarkable ways to give mom flowers that last

Flowers for mothers day is a no brainer. But what if you want to show your mom you love her all year long? When you think about all the diapers, dishes, and drama she has dealt with through the years, she probably deserves more than one day of blooms.

vest detail

Five remarkable ways to give your mama flowers this year

1. Flower CSA or subscription. So many farms with community supported agriculture programs offer bouquets as add ons in their crates and some farms specialize in flowers. Do a google search in your mom's area to see if you can hook her up with a weekly bouquet that is fresh, seasonal and shows off the beauty of her region.

2. Plant a flower garden together.  A window box or planter for her patio can be sweet for mom's with limited space.  If your mom is an established gardener, offer a day of weeding, a packet of interesting annuals or special variety of one of her favorites. Think outside the box and delight her with gorgeous edibles like herbs, beans, peas, or even grains.

I think its best to buy seeds from companies that specialize in your climate. Around here (as in down the street)I love Uprising Organics. Don't overlook your farmers market for growers who may offer seeds, starts and bulbs perfectly suited for her backyard.

3. Don't want to get dirt under your nails?  Go cyber blossoms.
Erin {Floret} april 23 arrangement from seasonal bouquet project
 I just fell in love with the seasonal bouquet project. It's a weekly blog kept by two farmers with an amazing sense of style on opposite coasts posting a bouquet they created with local flowers. Here's how to make it a gift: You and your mom each bookmark the blog and share which bouquet you liked best in a text, email or phone call each week. Stay connected and always have as a beautiful conversation starter.

4. Never too old to create art. I find myself sending Franklin's scribbles these days but not taking the time to make a sketch or watercolor myself. Wouldn't your mom be delighted to open an envelope bursting with tissue paper and glitter, stickers and paint. Recreate a favorite elementary school craft or use it as an excuse to have a creative playdate with whatever art supplies you have around the home or office.

5. A felt flower from moth and squirrel will last throughout the years. A pin is a great option for dressing up jackets, hats or bags. She can even just pin it to a bulletin board. Or if your mama has a bit more flair, flowers for the hair will make her feel super special.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

less guilt more delight this EarthDay

Steeb's mini garden project last summer didn't produce much other than joy.

 I make all my products from recycled materials. But I don't have any clever tips or tricks or crafts for you today. And I don't want you to feel guilty about wherever you are on the spectrum of environmentalism. It's not that I don't want us all to work together to make the world a better place to live for the next say, seven generations. I do. But I know that it has to be enjoyable if lifestyle choices are going to last longer than a new year's resolution.

Today I am offering a friendly reminder that often the thing that is better for the environment is also more delicious, more economical, more beautiful and more fun. So ride your bike because the lilac scented wind feels lovely through your hair this time of year. Plant a garden because it brings wonder and rhythm into your yard and fresh herbs make cocktail hour divine. Leave your car at home occasionally because it's cheaper than a gym membership or a therapist and you won't be stressed out circling for a parking spot. Buy a gift from moth and squirrel because cashmere, colorful cotton and one of a kind stitched designs will be cherished for years.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

recycled arts & resource expo friday-sunday

 I am excited to check out other artists working with a wide variety of recycled materials.  I will not be participating as moth and squirrel, but I will be down at the federal building on Sunday helping with the Bellingham Textile Project's community weaving. Come say hello, learn more about this new project and help us weave a rug.
For more info on the activities, exhibits and entertainment, visit the RARE site

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

for sandi

 when disaster rips a hole in your life, it may expose a tender hidden beauty
Shawl and expose is my piece from last year's winter commission art show. It is stitched from the pants I wore out grieving with random bits of silk underneath. This wasn't what I had planned to post today, but it is what I feel called to share. A little piece of how I process this crazy beautiful sometimes cruel journey. One stitch at a time.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

oh snap. the evolution of a hat.

Not many people remember that these hats did in fact start out being for grown ups. I made them as a transition into spring that would keep your ears warm, show off my reverse applique skills and use scrap t-shirts. People still ask me if I will make them for adults and I just laugh...It takes a lot of personal flair and the right haircut to not look like a ridiculous baby in them.

Then I added chin straps and actually made them for babies. Who look stinking adorable in them. At this point I dubbed them ewok keneivels. Like from return of the jedi and motorcycle stunts. I gave birth to the perfect model and they started to make sense.

And now, I introduce the latest improvement on the hat: multiple snaps on the strap to accommodate many chins and inevitable growth. This winter I invested in a professional snap setter and a new style of snaps. They are colorful, more secure, perfect for baby items and made to be washed again and again.

  Here's another photo of the awesome snap setter since I haven't been able to get Franklin to model these for me since last summer. Which just goes to show how quickly babies grow up.

You can buy your own ewok keneivel hat Saturdays at the Bellingham farmer's market for $40, tax included.

And if you have photos of your own stinking adorable kids in these classic hats, I'd love to see them over on moth and squirrel's facebook page.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Toss Your Own Cabbage. (Market Opens This Saturday!)

The Bellingham Farmer's Market marks the official opening of the season with someone tossing a cabbage and the ringing of the daily bell. Last year I kept talking up the ritual even though I am always doing last minute booth set-up and haven't really seen it. Franklin and Steeb worked really hard to get to the market by 10am. As a one car family, I drive to the market early and then they take the bus or a stroller walk to town. After much hustling they did make it to the corner of Railroad and Maple. There were a few speeches, the mayor heaved a cabbage to someone, it was over. Fairly disappointing to both the two year old and the 38 year old. Luckily there was cake. And kettle corn and coffee.

This year I decided to help the spirit of the cabbage toss last longer. I sewed t-shirt scraps into ten tiny cabbages for my first ten customers of the season. Little ones will like the small size and floppy leaves for gentle tactile exploration, older kids can toss it through a target or you can keep one on your desk for instant office stress relief and a friendly reminder to eat your vegetables.

I look forward to seeing old friends and favorite customers on Saturday and every Saturday through December, 10am-3pm. You will find me in the pavilion in my usual spot across from mt.bakery, misfits bliss tea and bellingham bay coffee roasters. It's what I call delicious real estate.

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