Thursday, March 25, 2010

our new floor manager

sneak peak of our new studio with our new floor manager

We've been at the studio almost everyday preparing for the opening of farmers market.Franklin has been hanging out on quilts embroidered by his grandma russell and great grandma corbin. He does work kicking at dangling toys while I do work sewing new hats and bibs.It takes so much longer to complete anything, but with the sun streaming in our windows and a stack of business books by my side,I don't mind the frequent breaks to eat and cuddle. This new floor manager insists we operate by baby union regulations.

Come see the new floor for yourself april 2 for the next art walk.
Still 1316 Bay St,6-10pm(ish)

Friday, March 12, 2010

the squirrel part

Steeb and I are almost finished with our studio move. We have a bright and spacious room facing Bay Street again with lots of room for our family to grow. As I have been unearthing boxes from the corners and closet, I am reminded of why squirrel is one of my business' namesakes.Tucked away and saved for later like acorns in the fall,I am finding trash and treasure too precious to not save for the unknown crafting ahead of me. Everything from a bag of seat belt webbing to a bin of cashmere sweaters with plenty of buttons and zippers in between. There are articles of clothing waiting to be deconstructed and neatly stacked squares of fabric for some yet to be designed quilt and then the boxes and boxes of bits and pieces, some not much bigger than glorified lint balls. I can't wait to combine some of the older finds with the more recent arrivals.