Friday, July 26, 2013

people make the event

So a few weeks ago we drove down to Seattle for the summer Urban Craft Uprising in a big cadillac, blasting Elton John and Macklemore at Franklin's request. I haven't attended a craft show as a shopper in a long time and was a little uncertain about not participating as a vendor. Would I feel disappointed or jealous or bored? It is easy to get burnt out on any type of business event, to feel like you've seen it all or the trends are tiring or to feel it is too competitive and all the magic is gone.

But I walked around and marveled at all the talent and creativity and all the wonderful people I have met through the years. Mostly I chatted with my bellingham craft crew, but I was tickled how many people were sort of friends now or at least friendly neighbors at past shows. Somehow not participating as a vendor helped me see the real community and connections I have made. 

Rachel, Spincycle Yarns

Carey Lane, poetic bowl maker and sock monkey maven

Angela, Humperdink hats

Tripper Dungan, trippy painter
Jessica and Arlo (and magical baby), slow loris shirts

And believe it or not, they are opening applications for the winter Urban Craft in just one week. I feel refreshed and inspired and ready to go another round.

Monday, July 15, 2013

urban craft uprising (what I bought)

1.zipper bag with bear from adrienne vita.
2.slow loris hoodie for steeb
3.postcards and little notebook from jillian nickell.
4.wooden gemstone ring by bristorium. so folk art fabulous!
5.fancy lollipops by this charming candy.
6.small top for franklin. (we have a sailboat and covered wagon from tweet toys already)
7.salt from beautiful briny sea. one is honey and salt and the other is called french picnic and I can't wait to use them both. fancy salt makes really simple foods feel really fancy. and these folk are soooo nice.

In my next post I'll talk about how fun it was to be a shopper, visit with my favorite vendors and ride around the city in a big cadillac.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

happy birthday to me and america

Taking the day off because not only is it a national holiday, it's my birthday. I was checking out one of my favorite blogs and saw this film is about a leather worker from the town where I was born. So perfect to share today. I love to watch these short videos about american craftspeople. Makes me feel very proud to be part of a longstanding tradition of independent makers.