Sunday, November 30, 2008

let's get festive

Thanksgiving has passed, I have listened to Charlie Brown Christmas album twice already and Steeb hung random objects on a wreath at the studio. There is no more denying the inevitable holiday, it's on.
We all seem to be a little uncertain financially, and yet giving gifts is a way we battle the darkness of winter. Whether making presents for friends, wrapping up recycled items for an office white elephant exchange or shopping for charities, there are lots of ways to participate and feel alright about the inherent materialism of the season. If you get over the obligation and plastic electronic whir, the gifting can be a delightful distraction on these dark nights and grey days. For those of us who are trying to make our living through craft, this season determines our wealth for the year. It means so much to us small time makers if you choose to spend your holiday cash with us. See the links to the left for more information on all these delightful shows coming up.

In Bellingham: the last art walk of the year is this friday, december 5, 6-10pm Come up to our studio (1316 Bay street, enter through the alley)for extra holiday cheer in the bargain bin. Plus ornaments, plaid hats, fingerless mits and all the classic moth and squirrel goodies.

Urban Craft Uprising December 6 &7 at the Seattle Center. Two days of indie urban shopping.

Crafty Wonderland December 14, Portland convention center. I am so excited to be selling(and shopping) in the indie craft mecca which is portland.

Last Farmers' Market: Decmber 20, 10am-3pm in Bellingham. My selection may be picked over after the holiday shows, but I'm sure I'll be able to hook you up with some last minute deals.

p.s. I can accept credit/debit cards now. it's amazing. I'm not advocating going into debt for christmas, but you know, if you ran out of cash and forgot your checkbook....