Sunday, December 30, 2012

have a ball this new year's eve

make a gif picture
and cross something off your last year's to-do list It has been a goal for me to figure out how to animate a little cluster of photos. I didn't even know how to look it up on line and spent quite some time trying to tell google what it was I wanted to learn. In case you live near the rock I live under, they are called GIFs and there are various free tools online to create them from photos or video clips. Or if you are pro and have photoshop there are fancy ways to do that too. phew, check that one off the list before 2013...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last minute magic

You can stop by Little Tiger Toys and Holiday Handmade Bazaar everyday until christmas eve. To shop with me directly, I will be at the farmer's market on saturday for the last market of the season. I still have a sweet selection of stuffed animals,pins and hair clips, all of which make delightful stocking stuffers. Hats are a bit random in the available sizes and styles right now, but i just may have the perfect hat for you or someone with a cold head on your list. Mostly I am wishing you a joyful and peaceful season as you think of those who make your year a little brighter.

Monday, December 03, 2012

golden cloak

Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley discuss Golden Spider Silk from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

I just heard about this magical cloak made from the silk of over a million golden orb spiders. It is so fairy tale/superhero/mythological. And so many people were involved in making it real. Just awesome, nature and fiberarts blowing my mind and bringing a tear to my eye.