"what's with the name?" "you mean moose and squirrel?" "can I buy squirrel meat here?"

Well, every business has to have a name. Mine is Moth and Squirrel. Although I do have a fondness for the corny delights of Rocky and Bullwinkle, I was not thinking of moose and squirrel at all when I chose my name. And even though we get wild and natural in the pacific northwest, and farmer's markets are on the leading edge of slow food regional cuisine, I do not sell anything to eat from squirrels.

When I began this adventure I was making items almost exclusively from reclaimed luxury knits (aka old sweaters). And what is the most common reason someone would be getting rid of a wool sweater besides hideous shoulder pads and laundry accidents? moths. Oh those buggers have ruined a few of my own beloved sweaters beyond the help of a darning needle. Creating out of destruction, the magical transformation from pupa to winged creature, these are also mothy images that resonate with me. The squirrel part is more like a verb. I squirrel away bits of fabric and lace, jars of buttons, anything people pass on to me. I don't always know how it will be used, but I love to dig through my piles to combine these tiny forgotten treasures. I have sense expanded my offerings to include lots of cotton knits from tshirts, but I think the name still suits me.

"what's in the brim?"
My brimmed caps feature a hand cut piece of industrial sized jam container from the old town cafe where I served as a dishwasher for many years. I was trying to figure out the hat design while hunched over the dish pit and running plates of homefries. (if you ever have a problem to think out, try washing dishes) I looked over at super recycler/linecook John Sherfield and the johnny cap (that's what I call my classic brimmed hat) was born.  I can get 6 brims and an amazing callous from one container.

"you're on etsy right, I can shop online?"
Not right now. You have to see me at the farmer's market, a craft fair, or our studio in downtown bellingham.  Or stop by the Lucky Dumpster in Edison or Little Tiger Toys in Bellingham for a small selection of goods. I am about to reintroduce limited edition items on etsy. Join my newsletter if you want to be in the know about those products. I am happy to send any item in the mail though, so shoot me an email if you want something and live out of town.

"how late does the market run?"
every saturday, 10am-3pm from April through Christmas. Located on Railroad Avenue in Bellingham, across from Boundary Bay Brewery and la fiamma pizza. I'm always in the pavilion.

"how do i wash this?"
 in general: cotton through the wash, wools by hand. Please click on the care page for more details.

"do you do custom work?"
yes and no. I am happy to make something from your old tshirt or sweater in any style I already regularly make. Think concert tshirts with holes in the armpits turned into hats and favorite cashmere cardigans transformed into dolls for your children.
I do custom name tags, $30 each, let's talk color & design.
If you have another project in mind and it fits my style and timing, I would be happy to work with you. However, I am not a seamstress and I don't really like copying your favorite hat unless you are named Harlow Friday.

"what's your email again?"

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