Wednesday, January 29, 2014

read about the Ragfinery.

I've been enjoying a bit of winter down time from the farmer's market and regular blogging. I am catching up on some personal projects like wedding gifts for people who got married several years ago and super hero capes for Franklin's preschool. And I'll be honest, I'm catching up on episodes of gLee and Under the Gunn. It is winter after all.

In the new year I've also had more energy for my work with The Ragfinery. You can read more about it in the current issue of The Cascadia Weekly(just click here for the online version.) I hope to have more photos for you after my workshop there this weekend. Until then, just imagine an old auto body shop full of piles of potential….

Friday, January 17, 2014

Want to make crafts together this winter?

I'm planning a workshop at the new Ragfinery in Bellingham and will be sending out an invitation to everyone on my newsletter list Monday morning. If you want to drink coffee with me while we transform scraps into color pops of creativity, get your name on my list right now!

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

let's talk about beautiful things again

My new bulb planter, crusted with mud from a cold but sunny afternoon planning for the future. What can you plant this winter that will bloom in the spring? What beautiful dreams can you take the tiniest step towards right now? What habit can you re-comit to that will help you maintain your best self?

Do you remember when I was doing these drawings regularly? I am going to start again. Once a week. I was just trying to think up a grand 52 week project when I came across a few of them and realized I didn't need to reinvent the wheel or join some online movement. I just had to get out my pen and some paints and take a moment to see.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

It is already the first Friday of the month, the year even. Come downtown from 6-10pm January 3 and we will start the year off with creativity and community. Try on a hat, talk to me about the Ragfinery, buy a card set or a cashmere headband and dig through the $5 bin for treasure.
1318 Bay Street, above the Pickford Film Center. Studio #201.