care for your remarkable goods

Thank you for purchasing a handmade item from mothand squirrel. Or for having awesome friends and family who support my business by buying you one of a kind gifts! Lucky.

Each item is made from reclaimed materials. All materials have been prewashed, but shrinkage and color bleeding may still occur. Here are some tips to keep your item looking good.

Hats with brims: Be aware that the brim is soft plastic. It can get wet, but may get a funny crease if it ends up under a load of heavy jeans or stuffed in the bottom of a bag full of textbooks. I have customer reports of success gently ironing a bent brim back into shape. If you try it, please use common sense about heating up and potentially melting plastic and ruining your hat.

Cotton hats : may be machine washed and dried on a low heat.

Wool hats: should be hand washed in cool water and air dried. If you have wool wash like eucalan, hooray. If not, just use a gentle soap like your hand soap or even shampoo. Remember that hot water and agitation are what cause wool fibers to felt. So unless you are trying to adjust the size, use a gentle touch. As the hat dries you may gently reshape it to ensure a handsome fit. Hanging by the brim or over a mason jar are two ideas to help it keep it's shape.

Stuffed animals:  should also be hand washed in cool water and mild soap if necessary and air dried.If you can just do some spot cleaning, all the better.

Wool felt zipper pouches, same as hats and animals.

If a pin begins to curl, you may gently iron it flat again. Just watch out for hot metal as you work around the pinback. 

And if your favorite item ever needs repair, contact me: libbychenault(at)comcast(dot)net  I would be happy to help fix or replace at a discount something that has been loved to pieces. If it needs help due to my human error, I will do it for free.