Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bloomer soakers

Franklin Sparrow models the new bloomer soakers from moth and squirrel. He also serves as our number one product tester, daily inspecting the strength and design of these bum covers. The wool covers are an essential part of cloth diapering and just nice when we have him in the paper ones. The thankless,endless routine of changing diapers improves with a little cuteness.
I started making these for him before he was born and now that we really use them I am improving their shape. Originally I was just sewing them for personal use.It is important to make things that aren't for sale, to just create for love.But in an effort to make a living as a crafter, I decided to add them to the product line. Look for them this spring at the farmer's market.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

art walk again

where did the month go? it's first friday again and we will be up in the studio to show off the goods(including baby franklin, tempers permitting.)I've managed to sew up a new pod of whale pins, thanks to steeb's loving arms,some brief naps and a surprise baby sitting offer from pamela yesterday.
The january walk was really lovely. The weather was terribly northwest wet wet wet cold and dark,so just a handful of friends came out,but really just a handful was about all we could handle.Thanks for your support.and patience.