Wednesday, April 10, 2013

oh snap. the evolution of a hat.

Not many people remember that these hats did in fact start out being for grown ups. I made them as a transition into spring that would keep your ears warm, show off my reverse applique skills and use scrap t-shirts. People still ask me if I will make them for adults and I just laugh...It takes a lot of personal flair and the right haircut to not look like a ridiculous baby in them.

Then I added chin straps and actually made them for babies. Who look stinking adorable in them. At this point I dubbed them ewok keneivels. Like from return of the jedi and motorcycle stunts. I gave birth to the perfect model and they started to make sense.

And now, I introduce the latest improvement on the hat: multiple snaps on the strap to accommodate many chins and inevitable growth. This winter I invested in a professional snap setter and a new style of snaps. They are colorful, more secure, perfect for baby items and made to be washed again and again.

  Here's another photo of the awesome snap setter since I haven't been able to get Franklin to model these for me since last summer. Which just goes to show how quickly babies grow up.

You can buy your own ewok keneivel hat Saturdays at the Bellingham farmer's market for $40, tax included.

And if you have photos of your own stinking adorable kids in these classic hats, I'd love to see them over on moth and squirrel's facebook page.

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