Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Toss Your Own Cabbage. (Market Opens This Saturday!)

The Bellingham Farmer's Market marks the official opening of the season with someone tossing a cabbage and the ringing of the daily bell. Last year I kept talking up the ritual even though I am always doing last minute booth set-up and haven't really seen it. Franklin and Steeb worked really hard to get to the market by 10am. As a one car family, I drive to the market early and then they take the bus or a stroller walk to town. After much hustling they did make it to the corner of Railroad and Maple. There were a few speeches, the mayor heaved a cabbage to someone, it was over. Fairly disappointing to both the two year old and the 38 year old. Luckily there was cake. And kettle corn and coffee.

This year I decided to help the spirit of the cabbage toss last longer. I sewed t-shirt scraps into ten tiny cabbages for my first ten customers of the season. Little ones will like the small size and floppy leaves for gentle tactile exploration, older kids can toss it through a target or you can keep one on your desk for instant office stress relief and a friendly reminder to eat your vegetables.

I look forward to seeing old friends and favorite customers on Saturday and every Saturday through December, 10am-3pm. You will find me in the pavilion in my usual spot across from mt.bakery, misfits bliss tea and bellingham bay coffee roasters. It's what I call delicious real estate.

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