Monday, March 11, 2013

mixing business and pleasure in edison

This weekend we took a quick little family adventure in the first warming sun of almost spring. We drove the gorgeous curves of Chuckanut drive, stopping for a picnic on our way to restock my favorite store. The Lucky Dumpster in Edison is now flush with a fresh batch of hats, pins, stuffed animals and vests. (If you can find your way to edison, you really don't need any other address.)
We browsed the amazing collection of handmade objects, banged on Jessie's drum set in the painting studio, and clowned around in the sun. Working with old friends, the super talented James Reisen and Jessica Bonin, makes doing business a true pleasure.
Franklin always comes home with a fist full of vintage plastic from the treasure chest.We have a whole drawer at home called the Lucky Dumpster Drawer because it is so full of muppet babies and sesame street figurines and a whole fisher price circus train.
Steeb picked up a sewn nudie piece by the lovely Jessica Bonin that Frank and I are recreating here.(click her name to find the original art.wink, wink, nudge nudge.)

Edison's magic attracts art lovers, tulip peepers, birders, foodies and bikers along with the people who actually live and work in the Skagit Valley. The Lucky D is open friday, saturday and sunday 12-4pm until they decide to be open 11-5pm with the warmer weather.

What treasures have you found in edison?

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