Thursday, March 21, 2013

easter craft video

greener grass from Libby Chenault on Vimeo.
Watch the video for simple easter craft inspiration. Then read the variations for extended play ideas with any easter grass or customized shredded paper. Think about how your own child likes to play and I'm sure you will find even more ways explore this simple idea together, adding texture to your existing toy collection. And when you tire of the grass around your home, you have my permission to just throw it away in the recycle bin.

for anyone who likes giving remarkable gifts

  • use it as packing material

for the very young:

  • take it in and out of a box, bag or bowl
  • throw it in the air
  • scrunch and crinkle to make noise see what it sound like inside an empty container

for imaginative play

  • cut white paper to be snow drifts
  • green paper for grassy hillsides where animals burrow
  • blue paper can be water
  • play cook with noodles nests 
  • fill a box with the shredded paper and small treasures (bones?) for some archeological digging

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