Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 ways plastic eggs help you keep easter fun while avoiding a total sugar melt down

Let's face it, even if you only celebrate equinox on your commune with other nature loving families, eventually your child will be exposed to the joy of plastic and candy. Holidays can be tough as we navigate our own desires and values and the changing world while blocking out the whining and pleading of our tiny loved ones. Somewhere between cycnicism and guilt there is a sweet spot where traditional holidays can be fun. Really fun. Please don't worry about being crafty or green or healthy or wealthy or conscious enough. Take a deep breath and remember some simple  childhood magic.

Sometimes I just love what I remember from my childhood, even if it wasn't that spectacular. Or what I wanted as a kid. 

I always wanted these eggs. And today I bought a dozen of them for less than a dollar and I will reuse them every year. I promise.

So take a moment to check in with yourself and your kids ages and the influence of friends, neighbors, pinterest and cousins and grandparents. Think about what is actually important for you to do as you welcome spring and what you can relax about.

Here are are three ways that plastic eggs can help you influence your child's easter experience while still being fun. Bright! PLastic! Eggs!

  • Fill them with a non sugary snack item. Cheddar bunnies are a favorite around here and make an obvious choice for easter. Nuts and berries, dehydrated fruit, frozen peas, whatever your kid likes
  •  Buy candy in bulk and fill eggs appropriately for your child's age and sugar handling capabilities. These jelly beans happen to be from Trader Joe's and are dyed with beets and tumeric and other natural dyestuffs.
  •  Fill eggs with non food items. Tiny toys, even ones from your existing toy pile, make a fun surprise at the end of a hunt. Other ideas include writing out jokes or fortunes, moth and squirrel pins, stickers or good old fashioned coins.
Stay tuned for more spring celebrations. And REMEMBER the Bellingham Farmer's MArket is THIS SATURDAY MARCH 16, 10am-3pm. I have bunnies and chickens and sheep and flowers to fill your baskets with remarkable recycled goodies.

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