Sunday, August 16, 2009

results from art camp: a clean kitchen table

(cake topper from matthew and emily's wedding yesterday. delicious inspiration.)

I'm ready to get back in the studio after my week off. Art Camp turned into clean-the-house-week. Considering the state of affairs around here, it was necessary. And there is something pleasing about clearing the way for new ideas. That Zen emptiness out of which anything can be born. Not that my house or studio ever approaches Zen cleanliness,but you know,having neat piles instead of mountains of stuff. Just having a kitchen table with room at it can inspire an activity. For example, I have been thinking about how to make hat stands out of corrugated cardboard. One day this week after I cleaned the kitchen I pulled out boxes from the recycle pile. There was actually space to lay out the cardboard and trace shapes and mess around. I didn't have success with the project but I made tangible mistakes that I can keep developing. I even cleaned up after myself.

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