Sunday, August 09, 2009

art camp?

About a month ago I was feeling stuck and bored with moth and squirrel(this is usual in the month or so before a big show when I go into huge production mode and the end is no where in site.)I craved a creative vacation like an artists' retreat or a summer camp for crafty grown-ups. I know these things exist and I have read about them on line with much envy. But they usually cost a lot of money even before the airfair to north carolina or maine. So I looked at my calendar and found a week that could conceivably serve as my own stay at home art camp. A time to refill my creative well without business deadlines. Giving myself the space to dream about the future of my business without having to stop the dreaming to run errands or sew on pin backs.

I woke up this morning and realized this is the week. And I thought,"But I have to sew more baby whales. I can't have that kind of non productive unstructured time this week!"And I was too busy to plan any inspiring activities and I even had to schedule some meetings for the week. sigh.

Then I took a deep breath and a sip of coffee and realized this art camp week is exactly what I need. And maybe not having any planned art dates is exactly what I need. And maybe all I will do is write blog entries and clean my room and bake granola, and maybe that is exactly what I need.

I just saw this (somewhat posed)picture Steeb took of me while we were picking raspberries at Margie's.Usually I am very focussed and efficient in my berry picking with jam quotas in mind.But it was so hot and I was feeling so tired, I ended up sitting in the shade of the canes and picking from the ground and being so delighted by it all. There weren't as many ripe as usual so we just gave the tender berries to friends and ate them all week. I want this photo to be the feeling I carry with me this week.

do more of what you love.
do it slowly.
share it.
fill all your senses.
this is enough.

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Maija said...

catching up on your blog. I love this one, Libby. Thanks for the reminder...I forget sometimes how to do this.