Monday, August 03, 2009

employee of the quarter

Our long running joke is that Steeb is moth and squirrel's employee of the month. But seriously. He helped out so much with the Urban Craft Uprising,I upgraded the joke to employee of the quarter. He performed all driving duties including awesome parallel parking, carried the heavy tables and bins, went out in search of lunch and coffee and held down the booth for bathroom breaks and general sanity. Most importantly he lives up to his nickname Coach and helps pump me up for production and marathon customer service while keeping it all in perspective. We had the smoothest set up/breakdown ever,just keeping our cool and our humor.

Lately I've overheard him talking about his support role with my crafting and referring to moth and squirrel as the family business. It makes me proud and warms my heart to have a man that is truly invested in my success. I'm a lucky crafter. Whether it is your husband, your mother or a superstar friend, we all need these people to help us do what we do,especially at the big events. So here's to all the supportive friends and family in the craft world. Thank you.

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