Sunday, August 23, 2009

a little bit about how animals are made

this lamb is my favorite critter from the week.

I was back in the studio doing animal production all week. There are three major days to a big run of softies.To make sure I had new buddies for market on Saturday I pushed a half dozen ahead and will go back to finish the second half of day two and day three over the next week. This is a constant juggling act for me, the efficiency of larger production runs and the weekly needs of a market booth.

Day one: I process felted sweaters by cutting them into their future parts. This is actually where the most creativity is used, looking at a v-neck and seeing a rhinocerous and cutting its basic shape. The day ends with bundles of parts rubber banded together in my wall organizer.

Day two:Sewing arms,legs,flippers and wings.This is the mindless sewing day,just sewing around all the pieces. It can be the most enjoyable because what I need to do is very clear. I begin to trim,turn, stuff and assemble the body parts. This process ends with critters who are machine sewn to their completion with stuffed appendages but empty bodies.

Day three: Hand finishing. Bodies get stuffed,side seams are stitched by hand and faces are embroidered and attached.This stage is quiet and a little magical as the floppy fabrics become recognizable creatures. it is a good stage to have visitors or listen to a book on tape since I am not starting and stopping my machine.

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