Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just lion about doing nothing but getting inspired.

I've been pushing hard to make something more with my business. All spring I studied and researched and did homework into the night. I got tired. I got a little cranky. I got spring fever. 

I gave myself permission to relax. Do nothing. Read fiction and catch up on tv and magazines. Eat hotdogs for dinner with no sides. Color on the sidewalk for hours.

And then, in that bit of empty space I finally made in my head, an idea slipped in. 

Somewhere between hearing my dad was just awarded Lion of the Year by his club and my bus ride to the studio this morning I imagined these pins. Daddy lions. Dandy lions. Lion of the Summer. Bursts of color and pride. Perfect for all the Leos in your life. Ambassadors of sunshine.

They came together so easily today that I knew I must be doing something right.

So here's to summer,
may we all have less cranky pushing and more slipping into inspiration.

Pick up your own burst on lion power at the farmer's market this saturday.
Or shop etsy right this very minute.

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