Wednesday, May 22, 2013

what you can learn from being blue in a parade (any rainbow would want you)

Every year Loving Space forms a human rainbow and walks in the Jr Ski-to-Sea parade. Our friend Olle invited us to be blue dragons with him. I feel like I've been saying No all the time lately to all the "good ideas" the boys come up with. But this one seemed reasonable and since Franklin will be starting preschool there soon I said "Yes."(actually I said something like," I don't have time to make any costumes, but we can wear some blue...")

But then I got nervous. Was I intruding on their special thing? Would we know enough other families? Would I remember their names? Would we be wearing the appropriate amount of blue? Would it be weird since Franklin doesn't actually go to school yet?  Would we have the right snacks? Was there a protocol?

Would they want us in their rainbow?

[Insert anytime you've felt that everyone else has it figured out, has the right credentials, knows everyone else in the room, has the right clothes to wear...]

I was half way hoping the event would be rained out just to avoid this imagined awkwardness. But mere weather cannot stop the insistence of young blue dragons. As I was zipping up my blue striped jumpsuit this phrase came to me:

why wouldn't they want me in their rainbow?!

I was a little shy at first. And then I had an awesome time waving and walking and being part of something really special. So that's my new personal pep talk phrase and you can use it too.  You can even imagine me in these surprisingly glamorous vertical stripes as I say it to you:

If you are willing to show up as yourself, with some spirit, any rainbow would want you.
 Show up.
 Let your color shine.

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