Friday, May 31, 2013

Simplify your life by giving this same gift three times this month.

Just when you are ready to relax and enjoy a few potluck cocktail picnic barbeques, you realize some of these events are actually stressful. Not only do you need to figure out an appropriate dish to bring for each situation (gluten free? vegan? peanut allergy?only grown in a 25 mile radius?) and how to dress (quirky fancy? overcast? bonfire? by the water in the evening?) you might also need to bring A GIFT.

To help you simplify the gift giving part of your life, I have just stitched up a fresh batch of key rings.

Each design is individually machine stitched on felt and backed with reclaimed leather. Sturdy yet supple, they make a classy gift:

for the graduate
 Leaving home for the first time, starting at a new office or just heading out into the world for new adventures, send them off with style or let them know they always have a way to come back home. Depending on how you present this one, it can be extremely poetic and sentimental or just a casual congrats for that co-worker or nephew who has finished studying.

for dad 
Nothing says Father's Day like leather and metal, something practical and sturdy that won't clutter up his zone. He'll think of you every day as he goes off to do whatever he does. (I'll have some more thoughts on father's day in my next post...)

for a guest you want to stay a little longer

Have a nice set of keys for summer visitors to make themselves at home. Or perhaps you want to make sure that special friend always has a place to park. (Did you like the movie Singles as much as I did in high school? If you missed this 90s romcom taking place in the Seattle music scene, just know that having a place to park was major romantic commitment innuendo...)Giving someone a key to your place really is a big deal, do it with some flair.

Buy a key ring or three at the market this weekend for $15 each and you will be ready with a remarkable little token for whatever situations June may bring.

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Rowan Moore Seifred said...

Great post. Love this "potluck cocktail picnic barbeques".