Friday, February 24, 2012

winter commission 4:Disaster! Tomorrow night!

Winter commission 4 is tomorrow night. (Sat. 7pm-2am at the Spark museum) I am hanging a reverse applique shawl in the art exhibition and leading a craft project upstairs. I really wanted people to have a way to participate in a positive way with the theme of Disaster. Since experiencing an actual disaster is devastating and even just hearing about disasters can be overwhelming and paralyzing. Yet by helping each other in tangible ways we begin to process the event and heal. So I am creating a space where folks can embellish a handkerchief to honor the blood, sweat and tears that accompany disasters.

sample handkerchief Franklin and I personalized with what he called "secret crayons." I have been staying up late to print all the fabric with "for comfort through disaster."

These are samples of the stamps I am carving,simple images that represent the ways we come together to help after disasters: rebuilding homes, collecting canned goods,etc. If people don't feel comfortable writing or drawing their own message of hope,they can use these as building blocks to create patterns.

click here for more info on winter's been a long winter, hope to see you there!

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