Saturday, January 07, 2012

busman's holiday

On New Year's Day I had the rare pleasure of crafting with my dad and brother. My dad wanted to remake the hobby horse that was well loved and then forgotten for a few decades in a northwest basement. He and my brother engineered the stuffing and stick part while I made the face and mane. It was great to give my dad, the retired doctor, professional advice,"use the end of a wooden spoon to really shove the stuffing into the sock..."And everyone was really impressed by my new take on the horse's mane. The original was a blue sort of pompom toupee.

Franklin and his cousin Martin were ready to gallup around the house on it, but unfortunately for them,Baba and PapaPrice's house was not ready for toddler's wielding heavy sticks twice their height.

So we just took some awkward family photos and called it a successful holiday.

If it's any indication of the year to come,I think moth and squirrel is going to have it's best year ever!

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