Tuesday, April 03, 2012

bright grey skies and blazing dandelions

All winter I didn't buy any new used fabric. I got creative with tinier and tinier scraps and did some limited edition items to use up some of my mountainous stash. Mostly it was invigorating to go through piles and unearth forgotten treasures, but my t-shirt bin was looking like the dingy pile of blue and blah that it had become. Then last week, maybe it was the hint of blossoms on the breeze or the way the dandelion's yellow will blaze against a stormy bright grey sky or some thrift intuition, I took the family to Goodwill and found exactly the colors I have been craving. It can be extra challenging to work with recycled materials when you have a color range in mind, so I was delighted to find dark greys and crisp browns to pair with acid greens and lilacs and yellows and turquoise. A celebration of northwest spring: mud and tulips and hope.

New reverse applique designs: dandelion, pie wheel and triple feather.

All of this is,of coarse, in preparation for the opening day of Farmer's Market this Saturday! This is the Market's 20th season(and moth and squirrel's 6th!)so there will be lots of extra celebrating from an opening day antique tractor parade to monthly 20% off days with cooking, crafts and kids days in between. As always I am excited to reunite with awesome customers, inspiring vendors, fresh produce and delicious snacks in my face.
I will be in the pavilion every Saturday from 10am-3pm to sell you hats and stuffed animals and to talk about the weather and what's growing in your garden and how franklin is doing and what to do with that sweater your boyfriend accidentally shrunk.

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