Friday, January 30, 2009

Bellingham happenings

I really ought to be finishing up for my Old Town show and my new fiber arts class that I will be running on monday. All of a sudden February is upon us and I actually have events to publicize and attend.

Stop by The Old Town Cafe (316 W Holly 6:30am-3pm Sundays 8am-2pm) and see the gardeners show. It evolved into being entirely portraits of gardeners with words. The show will be up February & March.

Art Walk. First friday is February 6. Come by our studio (1316 Bay St. 6-10pm)Remember you have to go around the building into the alley and up the back stairs. Be brave. It is fun and well lit inside. I will also have some saucy pieces in the Red &Pink show at Jinx. I stitched two portraits of ladies in bloomers with velvet and buttons and lace.

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