Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stumptown with kiddos

We were in Portland for the weekend. Last week before we left I had planned to do some super fun write up about all the hip, eco friendly, design we would experience in the city. You've probably seen blog posts like I was envisioning: gorgeous photos of interesting food, cool yards about to burst into spring, bicycles, tattoos, cute dresses, stationary shops, murals and endless coffee.And although we ate some great Barbeque at Russell Street and had a fabulous time at the Kennedy School soaking pool, I didn't photograph any of it. I just enjoyed being with my family. We were on an economical  visit with two three year olds in our crew, so mostly we stayed at our friends' home.
But as you can see, I was inspired by our experience in the city.  
These kids played tough all weekend, usually in some combination of pajamas and batman t shirts.Luckily our hosts had two of these shirts each with a detachable cape.
Back at home today, Franklin had to hang out in the studio with me. We pulled out his own thrift store t shirt and my new snap setter.
I used snaps instead of velcro simply because I want to try my new snaps. But also, when the kids played rough, the velcro capes would come off too easily. And the texture of the velcro tab on the shirt irritated Franklin when he was cape-less. He hasn't played around in the shirt yet, so I don't know if it was a better choice or just a different choice.
I love the way the symbol looks in reverse applique. Practicing this technique I use as moth and squirrel keeps the project interesting for me. I also love that this technique allowed me to use all cotton (just tshirt scraps) for the cape. I hate the texture of most kids' costumes and was glad to make something comfy and breathable not slippery polyester.
I left all the edges unfinished on the cape. They will roll with time but keep it a super quick project.

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