Friday, February 08, 2013

President's Day gift guide

Yes, we are days away from Valentine's Day, but why not distinguish yourself by celebrating something a little different this year... Anyone can buy a box of chocolates, only a nerd would think of serving hoecakes* in bed wearing a stovepipe hat...Make President's Day one to remember with this inaugural moth and squirrel gift guide.

*Years ago I started making hoecakes on presidents day after reading a well researched and ridiculously detailed  article in Martha Stewart Living. I still have the smudged pages in my cookbook to reference how much cornmeal to stir in to these hearty pancakes that Lincoln could eat "twice as fast as anyone could cook 'em."

one of a kind Abe Lincoln doll from moth and squirrel. Available online! This doll is my ode not only to the president but to the tradition of depicting Lincoln in folk art.
Heirloom seeds like Jefferson planted at Monticello. Perfect for a gardeners interested in living (and eating) history.

Maira Kalman books, Looking at Lincoln and In pursuit of happiness. I would recommend any of her books for children or adults since she is my favorite artist, but these two are especially appropriate for celebrating American history with color and style.

      Something inspired by Presidential pets. Through the years there have been some truly wild animals at the white house (like when dignitaries gave tiger cubs or baby hippopotamuses upon visiting.) Lately its been dogs and cats making their home in our capital, but why not remind your loved ones about the sheep kept on the white house lawn by Woodrow Wilson with a lovely sheep pin?
      Don't forget to stop by the Bellingham Farmers Market February 16 for your President's Day gifts. Be sure to pick up a dozen farm fresh eggs while you are there so you can entertain like the Roosevelts. (Eleanor was famous for scrambling a mess of eggs for dinner right at the table in a chaffing dish while Franklin was fond of serving martinis...)

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