Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes the scraps are more interesting than the product.
  I pride myself on being able to turn ugly tshirts & moth eaten sweaters into stylish hats.
Sometimes the scraps are precious.
  I have pieces of fabric less than an inch square, mostly just a seam, still in my pile because they are the most delicious shade of pink or turquoise or burnt orange.
Sometimes the scraps are just scraps.
  Bits so small and ragged that they must be thrown away. Things without much soul, mistakes made carelessly, material that was shoddy to begin with.
Sometimes the scraps are where the magic can be found.
  Looking for magic in my pile this week, so far I found a pocket fox for comfort and a ram of new beginnings.

The Bellingham Farmer's Market is trying a once a month winter market and it is THIS SATURDAY! Please stop by the pavilion to say hello, it makes the winter so much nicer.

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