Wednesday, January 09, 2013

sacred messages from cheeky monkeys

I am in my winter contemplation, that moment of down time after christmas when I catch up on paperwork, read a stack of business books and dream into the future. While building back up my stock of hats I am thinking about this blog and other services I can be offering and sort of wondering what is next.  It is a time when my busy mind quiets ever so slightly and I listen to the calling of my business. This morning browsing my facebook news feed, Mailchimp caught my eye:

Get out of the daily deals business and into the priesthood.

It was a catchy headline in one of their spectacularly nerdy reports on click through rates of email campaigns. It turns out religious newsletters have some of the most loyal subscribers and daily deals the worst.
So now I am asking myself, what does it mean as a crafter, to move out of the daily deals business and into the priesthood? How can my art serve a higher need? What should I be writing about to inspire not simply sales of remarkable handmade goods, but of something... more?
The answer may prove to be subtle and invisible to the outside world. I may shift some habits and rituals in how I create my work, in how I perceive my own work.  To make every stitch a prayer. Or perhaps I will enter the rapidly growing realm of coaching and virtual teaching, to join the new priesthood of entrepreneurs sharing their journey to combine spirituality with business.

The first two books I am reading and listening to this year are The Simple Faith of Mr.Rogers and The Martha Rules. And I believe I will live my answer somewhere between the two inspiring and influential characters. I'll let you know as things develop...

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