Sunday, September 09, 2012

mug shot

This is my current favorite mug. All my favorite mugs are made by Cary Lane. Her art is magical and meaningful. This one with the alligator pruning a tree reminds me to say no to the crap in life so I can say "YES!" to what is truly important. It shows the sometimes tough part of nurturing a truly delightful life: getting rid of the dead wood so your best self can blossom.

Drinking your beverages from a wonderful vessel is such a tiny but powerful way to love yourself and add soul to your days. How can you be hectic when you are gazing at something beautiful, feeling where a crafter's hands touched the clay? Or maybe your favorite mug is sleek, well designed with a modern gleam in it's eye, helping you focus on your goals and aspirations. Whatever your style, consider this an invitation to find a mug you love and pour yourself something delicious.

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