Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen

Introducing a new collection of circus inspired pieces on display at the old town cafe.

This has been such a refreshing way to spend my studio hours in January. After the rush and push and hustle of christmas sales, it was a pleasure to dork around, sniffing through old books for captivating characters and interesting photographs. Sewing the figures with my machine became a meditation in line. Even limiting my palate to ochre and grey, I got lost in the process of making gestures with color, pushing paint around the backgrounds.Without market pressures I had time to make mistakes and experiment and actually work from a place of inspiration.

Some mornings it still felt like work. I wonder, what is that resistance to our own passions once they have deadlines and self imposed expectations? But that flat feeling may have as much to do with waking up before 5am with a teething, almost walking, very curious baby boy as with any actual response to what was happening in the studio. And generally, even if I was dragging myself to my desk, I wasn't ready to leave when it was time to get back to the family.

The show will be on display through the end of March.

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