Wednesday, November 24, 2010

radical gratitude

I am tempted to feel sorry for myself today.Franklin's play date (solo sewing time) was canceled due to illness (get well soon ryan!) as was one with jasper last week.It's still nasty icy out. Deadlines are looming.The heater at the studios keeps going out and it is my duty to try to do something about it. Holidays can feel lonely and disappointing even without the pressure to earn a living at Christmas. Juggling my crafty business and parenting can be isolating with all the focus it takes. You get the idea. Winter blahs plus baby blues times work anxiety equals self pity while the boy throws cheerios around the living room.So, in an attempt to change my attitude here is a thanksgiving inspired list:
I am thankful for...
a healthy curious almost one year old baby named franklin
a kind and capable father/husband/friend/number one unpaid employee named steeb
a studio in which to make big felty messes
a home that is cozy despite the weather outside
big pots of pumpkin soup and beef stew
strong coffee in favorite mugs made by cary lane
more ideas than time to execute them
making money from scraps and creativity
staying cuddled up under blankets sewn by loved ones
knit hats and mittens created with spincycle yarns

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