Wednesday, April 28, 2010

almost crafty

"There is no last minute anymore," I said to steeb this week as we looked at our schedules in preparation for the big family adventure to Portland for CRAFTY WONDERLAND. The "last minute" is now spoken for by breast feeding,diaper changes and the inevitable milk vomit down the front of the outfit. So I was already slowing down on my production,allowing time to pack and plan tomorrow before we hit the road friday. But even so,I must have been trying to do too much at once, running lists through my head while I tried to do some basic chores and entertain the baby,checking on dinner and thinking about what hand sewing I might do when the boy went to sleep. While washing dishes tonight I sliced my pinkie open on a broken juice glass. Stopped me instantly and brought me to the present. Broken glass always makes me sort of Buddist. What's done is done and now I just have to nurse my wound while finishing up the essentials for travel.Everything else just won't happen. And that's okay. I'm extra glad I got up early today to finish the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat...

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Jon said...

Great to meet you guys! I posted about the hat I bought at the Crafty Wonderland Show on my blog:

Best of luck with all your business stuff!