Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been sewing a new style of hat lately, something between a baby bonnet and an aviators helmet with a splash of musical swimming cap glamor. But the photos I have are of all our visiting this week. First, up from California it's Steeb's brother Jason and his fabulous moustache.

Hattie Belle (four months of chub folks) with a stack of Steeb's gluten free oat nettle cakes while celebrating John and Sarah's visit with "breakfast for dinner." John and Sarah were all star Old Town co-workers until they moved back to her family's farm in Indiana. These cakes are a new staple around here with nettles from the herb shop until we can harvest fresh ones.

Me and (Steeb's Grandma) Delores talking about the new curbside compost pickup program in her senior village. She said a lot of her neighbors are confused about what waste should go in each container, even though the info booklet had pictures. Well, not everyone is as on the ball as GrandmaDelores.

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