Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I spent Mother's Day in Edison, WA with my guys. When the little one got bored in the car, I told him to pretend his window was a television and we were watching a documentary on one of America's most scenic byways. I love that he is four now, because lines like that work. And I love that we were on Chuckanut Drive, so it was also true.

 (James Reisen made this fruit crate boom box that really jams. Get it: fruit/jams.)
 We poked around the Lucky Dumpster and restocked their shelves with pins, hats and critters. The little town is so bustling this time of year, it took quite a while to get in our business, hugs and jive talk with James between customers.

The NOMAD trailer was parked down the way and I finally picked up a deck of Jen's gorgeous tarot cards.

Lunch came from Mariposa and we dripped our delicious tacos all over the sidewalk while watching a bird fly in and out of it's nest hole in the wall at the Lucky D.

It was the perfect mix of making money and spending money with people we love, to make this mama feel good all over.

I hope this spring holds some sweet adventures for you too. Even if they are just backyard, down the road, making business a pleasure kinds of adventures.

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