Sunday, November 03, 2013

wicked good halloween

I think the best halloween costumes are a mix of what you have, a few thrift store basics and some signature pieces, made, bought or borrowed that really sell the character.  It helps to have a dress up box, random fabric and cardboard around.

Franklin had his heart set on being Snow White and we were lucky to have a friend with a Disney dress just his size to borrow. I made the guys each one item: the cartoonishly proportioned dwarf belt and snow white's hair bow. For my wicked self I made a cardboard crown and modified a turtleneck. My cape is a wrap skirt from our dress up box and the flaming heart mirror usually hangs on our wall.

For the record, this was our first family costume. We put extra effort into it because we actually attended a wedding on Halloween. I have had costume fails through the years and Franklin flatly refused to wear the first costumes I made for us when he was younger. So don't get hung up on comparisons if you didn't coordinate fairytale magic with your crew this year. As Franklin reminded me, it's really just about the M&Ms.

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