Wednesday, October 02, 2013

NOMAD (part one, shopping)

Whether you are looking to feather your nest for autumn or planning a journey, NOMAD will inspire you to do it with style. 

All photos courtesy of NOMAD
NOMAD, the latest art and travel venture from  Will Canepa and Jen Dranttel-Canepa, will be parked at the Temple Bar October 13 from noon until late evening to quench the twin desires for adventure and home.

Will and Jen recently converted a 15 ft trailer into a mobile pop up shop. In addition to their own travel inspired products, Will and Jen have gathered a selection of goods from about 20 artists across the US. (moth and squirrel whales are part of their collection for classic kids.)

They drove NOMAD across the midwest to Chicago last month and are finally bringing it home to share with their Bellingham community for the first time. In addition to shopping in the trailer, the Temple Bar will be serving specials designed by Will and Jen. Experience happy hour all day, seasonal delights (like roasted apples with chantrelles and bacon) and a few flavors from the road.

When I talked with Jen last week I made her pick a few items to give us a flavor what is in the shop.

Favorite item created for NOMAD:
The fragrance collection.
Based on 4 cities, Jen blended essential oils in organic almond oil for concentrated scent. Each vial, suitable for men or women, comes packaged in a cloth bag with a photo of it's muse location for $35.

Savannah- what she's been wearing the most. vetiver, violet and tobacco notes
Nevada City- a perfect autumn spiciness. clove, cedar and saffron.
Reykjavik- goes on clean and cold with black pine and sea moss, then warms on your skin with lovely anise.
NoLa -the most feminine of this series. rose, wormwood and black tea.

Favorite item from another crafter:
Jen is most excited to bring the work of Peg and Awl to Bellingham. Sourcing heirloom quality and reclaimed materials,  Peg and Awl makes a charming range of dry goods. NOMAD features several waxed canvas bags and chalkboard tablets.

If you can't make it downtown October 13, NOMAD will be the artist in residence at the Temple Bar in December. Look forward to more unique shopping along with a fashion show, video installations from their travels and songs about leaving town and coming home.

Be sure to like NOMAD on Facebook so you can catch them when they roll into your neighborhood.

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