Wednesday, August 01, 2012

papa's got a brand new bag

Today starts the official bag ban in Bellingham. Stores cannot offer plastic bags to customers and must charge 5cents for paper bags. There are allowances for produce and bulk foods related plastic bags, take out bags and small paper bags to keep tiny items safe. People on food stamps don't need to pay the fee for bags. But no more plastic bags. It's pretty serious.
As a tote collector, I am naturally unphased by the new ordinance and am hopeful that more local businesses will step up their efforts to offer cute sturdy bags with interesting designs. As a retailer myself I am also unphased as I have been offering customers various canvas bags for years. This season I have gone a step farther and am offering gift bags made from tshirt scraps. But as a cheap hippy, I am totally disappointed that I may have to buy garbage bags now since I won't be able to reuse the occasional plastic bag I get at the store. All those re-use a bag spots will quickly empty out and at 5cents a pop, people won't be so eager to part with their paper bags.

Which leads me to my first ever give away! In honor (celebration? acknowledgement?)of the bellingham bag ordinance I am giving away this amazing chicken tote to one lucky reader who signs up for my newsletter by the end of the month.

What? a newsletter?

Yes! I am collecting names of those who want to stay in the loop. I will be putting out an occasional email to let you know about upcoming sales and events (including classes), inspiration for your own crafty life and links to the best blog posts. Maybe once a month, probably with the seasons, you will get a friendly note from me in your inbox.

this is the tote. I spent a whole day on it, french seams and all. I couldn't figure out what to charge for it and couldn't justify keeping it for myself. So I want you to have it. Really. It can even fold up into a little blue polkadot pocket inside to toss in your other bag.

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1 comment:

BBB said...

I have similar feelings about the buying of new trash bags, but maybe we can bulk buy recycled plastic bags somewhere in town.

Great idea for a newsletter, can't wait to read it!