Wednesday, September 07, 2011

behind the scenes (chicken vest preview)

here are a few outtakes from last week's photo session. I am so thankful we had Mira visiting to help out when the moment was just right(post nap, well fed, not too hot outside.)I can't imagine scheduling this sort of thing with professional photographers and stylists,only to have that be a grumpy no nap morning or a shy afternoon or a declaring independence tearful fit kind of week for the child. Getting Franklin to wear the outfit took a little encouraging:"See baby, just like mama's hat! no no no don't pull it down over your eyes...If you wear this vest, I'll blow bubbles for you!" But once he was dressed, his miniature male model just made that back deck his catwalk. Mira took photos, I blew the promised bubbles, he forgot he was wearing a ridiculous chicken vest and just ran around like he always does with cars and watering cans and hula hoops and lawnmowers. Then at one point he just stopped playing with his usual objects, stood with his back against the white door to the laundry room and waited for me to take a photo. Uncanny. It turned out to be the best photo from the session for the UCU application.

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