Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(county)fairly inspired

In the week since we went to the county fair I have made a plush pig and a really outrageous chicken vest. I sized the vest for Franklin to model, and although he smiled and said "bok-bok" when I showed it to him, he cried and said "no no no" when I tried to put it on him.
So I'll just show you the source and not the outcome of the inspiration. Which reminds me that it is really important to go to source inspiration and not just see what other people are doing on design blogs or posting on etsy. I've got to refill my own unique well of creative juices or else everything feels played out and I wonder if I am stealing other people's ideas or if there are any original ideas left to steal. Also, It's just weird to eat corndogs in front of the computer.

Craig didn't even get any curly fry grease on his pastel moth and squirrel harlow cap.

oh, chickens.


Family portrait in plaid with straw.

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