Thursday, July 14, 2011

headed to the lake (No market 7/16)

These blog posts only seem to go up when I'm not going to be at market.But this time I will at least show you some hats. We are going out to the peninsula for a quick visit with franklin's cousins who have never met him. Naturally, it's supposed to be rainy all weekend. My mom keeps saying, "you can always go for a walk in the rainforest in the rain." sigh.

franklin is still wearing this cotton johnny cap that fit him last year at toad lake. Although this year he doesn't keep it on his head long enough for photos to be taken. Since handcrafted hats can feel like a ridiculous luxury for rapidly growing heads,I am pleased to see if you buy a little big,you can get more than one season out of a moth and squirrel lid.

this may be more accurately how we will be dressed this weekend with layers or wool and hoods and my prototype cotton feather cloche. Look for these in the fall with reverse applique and two layers of cotton. I think it will be the perfect fall(Or northwest summer)lady hat.

I have been trying to recreate and update my all time favorite,scuzzy from so much wear,comfort hat. Favorite Hat is basically a long stocking cap that calms crazy hair,keeps off the rain and makes me feel invincible. It is one of the very first hats I made from a reclaimed sweater, before I was officially moth and squirrel.I have years of photos of me in this hat, all seasons, including just moments after franklin was born. No matter how many new hats I make, I keep digging out the old favorite one. It is surprisingly difficult to get just the right roominess and hug with perfect slouch.I think this feather cloche is pretty close to my ideal with the bonus of being machine washable. Favorite Hat is white wool, which needs to be hand washed, and therefore is always slightly grungy.But perhaps that grunge and mojo is part of it's charm...

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