Sunday, May 15, 2011

i like bellingham

I finally remembered to bring a camera to market yesterday and as luck would have it the Voorees family was looking fantastic and willing to show off.
Olle tried on an ewok keneivel hat before hunting down some honey sticks.

Carrie borrowed Ian's harlow hat so much she had to buy her own. So he can borrow hers. Then they threw a tiny ewok keneivel on tiny baby Elsa who was sport enough to sleep through the whole thing.

After a fun but,well,only mildly successful Crafty Wonderland I was super pleased to be back in bellingham at the farmers market. At the market I work to build relationships and connections in my community. And that community returns the friendliness and support week after week. Not only were my sales about the same as in portland, but I was also offered quilt batting,a vintage sewing machine and wooden blocks for the boy from three different people doing some spring cleaning. And I did a sweet trade with my delightful booth neighbor Sandra of Vermilio. I got a sexy silk scarf and she got a stuffed animal to give as a gift. It's good to go out and see the world, but it's oh so sweet to come back home.

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