Friday, March 25, 2011

resounding positivity

Last night was the annual meeting for the farmer's market.I was dreading it. But I wanted to go to be a voice of the younger generation or just smile and clap for the hard working farmers and crafters who have been under attack by the dissatisfied few. Mediators were brought in to facilitate. Everyone was braced for something spectacular and awful. And those mediators did help keep things focussed and fair and respectful. There were naturally complaints and grievances and suggestions.But what I heard was person after person,farmer and crafter and food processor stand up and say I love this market.
Our farmer's market is a model in the state. Our community supports us with two years of phenomenal growth in a time of economic turmoil. Our board members are working ceaselessly to keep our market strong and dream us into a future where we are all successful together. Our director communicates with the membership more than any other market manager. We are a motley crew of some 150 independent businesses and We Love Our Market.
And so with just over a week before opening day, I can say I am truly excited to go back to market. I feel more warmth and enthusiasm for my fellow vendors, more connected to this positive vision(most of us) share.I feel inspired to make moth and squirrel a leader of friendliness,customer service, creativity and innovation.
So, in a way, I guess we owe thanks to the noisy bunch of nay sayers for helping bring us together, for helping us clarify our mission and intent.For giving us a reason to say to each other "we are awesome." I've been sewing to Jay Z this month and his ambition and pride push me. His words keep playing in my head:"I love all my haters."


Umbilicus Designs said...

Libby you rock and I thank you so much for taking me under your wing and being such a positive force!! xo

Bound to ReStyle said...

Well put Libby. I am so grateful to be a part of this years market.