Monday, September 06, 2010

return of wool

whether you are moaning about the end of summer or secretly pleased to dig out your old sweaters and scarves,there is an undeniable crispness in the air. With Labor Day just hours from being over, I am announcing the return of wool hats to the moth and squirrel booth.And for those of you who might find moth holes or unfortunate stains in those favorite sweaters when you pull them from the back of your closet, think of me before you toss them out in the trash.I offer a $5 coupon as a token of thanks when people donate sweaters. They need to be wool or a high quality wool blend. They can have holes, ink spots, or suffered accidental washing/shrinking. I love crafting hats and critters from well loved garments, things that have already lived a few good stories before I turn them into some new item to cherish.

p.s. thanks to franklin for modeling this set of esther amelia hats with me. This is an outtake from the shots we took for official documentation but it is my favorite. It is already much harder to use him as a model now that he has learned how to pull hats off his own head and is endlessly fascinated by the camera itself.

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