Thursday, August 12, 2010

micro mini interview with DanielleLaPorte

Welcome to the first ever moth and squirrel blog interview, micro mini style!
Danielle LaPorte rocks my world with her blog White Hot Truth. I go to her site for both no bull shit practical business motivation and also for soul nurturing poetic inspiration. This spring Danielle launched a vook: The Fire Starter Sessions, it's a virtual book plus e-course with a dash of multimedia extravaganza. As part of her promotion she invited anyone with a blog to interview her. I humbly submitted one question and she graciously answered. As a mama and power blogger she has chosen to keep her family life fairly private, so I was tickled that she talked about creating with her son in her response.

Libby:I see you as a crafter of ideas and inspiration. Your new vook takes even the art of writing out of the tangible traditional hand held experience. But you are also a sensual woman who very much dances in the material world. Tell us about the last thing you crafted with your hands?

Danielle:This is such a timely question because I just had a conversation recently with a Buddhist Lama and he was talking about the value of craft for wakefulness. His words were, "You want enlightenment? Tile my house!"

In order of sequence, here are the things I've done this summer that merge with art and craft -- all of which comfort my soul, stop time, and make me feel pretty handy and cool:

Yesterday: Drew picture of Captain Underpants with my kid. This is a very special skill.
Last weekend: Did some rock balancing statues by the rapids.
Last week: Brought matching sketch books to the market with my six year old boy and we drew pictures of each other and shop windows. And seagulls. While eating burritos.
Week before that: Collaborating with a jewelery designer to turn some of my old gold (my "past") into some big beautiful gold rings that reflect the power of my present.
Last month: Started sewing a felt ugly pet with the boy. Our own pattern. Our own special depiction of what it means to be so ugly you're cute.

Oh, and a few days ago I pulled some ivy out of the garden and made a head wreath to go on the sun-bleached deer skull with antlers that I just hung in the living room. Does that count? I think it does!

Thanks for the inspiration to look at the craft in my life!
With Love


carrie said...

When life gives you homes, make homemade

BlueTerracotta said...

I love this mini interview! And it's very interesting to find out what Danielle creates with her hands.