Friday, January 08, 2010

quiet time

I almost had the rhythm down,of being self employed, of craft seasons, when to start sewing ornaments or easter bunnies. And now there is this tiny boy with his own rhythm,demanding that I dance in his time. As an independent business woman,this is the greatest challenge. So I am doing all the off season chores: finishing my paperwork,preparing taxes, dreaming of new products, better display, what fairs to try to attend. I am doing this between marathon feeding sessions, countless diaper changes and the necessary time spent gazing adoringly at fingernails and cheeks and that little spot at the wrist that is finally getting chubby. That is, when I have enough sleep and food and water in me that I can even remember there is a world beyond Franklin's needs.
Tonight we will be open for the gallery walk. Our first as this new family.Just one of the steps to figuring out how we do this dance together.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much work those little ones are. I knew it was going to be taxing and difficult, but I nothing prepared me for what it was really like. The baby doesn't leave at 5PM. It never ends, and when the baby wants something the baby wants it NOW.

I had a hard time with Seamus when he was Franklin's age. I couldn't feed him so he was like, later for you. But watching him become the little boy he is is one of the best things in my life ever. He identified A - D on one of those letter boxes! He thinks! He grows! all the time - so as demanding as it is when he is little I loved it. If my new one is a girl, she is betrothed to Franklin. If it is a boy, and if he turns out to roll like that, then he is betrothed to Franklin, if Franklin chooses to be down with that. But let's concentrate on feeding him for now.

Anjoy it. It drove me crazy, but it made me happy. Sorry, babies make me ssentimental, and it breaks my sarcastic bit. Next time I comment, I promise I'll be a dick.

Love, James

Clea Danaan said...

It's hard, isn't it?! I fully understand and cheer you on.