Thursday, November 05, 2009

Art Walk Friday!

It's first friday again and we will be open for the art walk a little later than usual. The Kulshan Community Land Trust is having their annual party and we don't want to miss all the celebration.This is the awesome organization that helped us buy our own home five years ago. So we will probably open our studio around 7pm until 10pm.

The farmers' market is still running through Christmas! This week is the first week of the special season where we all squeeze into the pavilion to stay nice and cozy and festive. I am planning to be there through the end of November, but stay tuned for updates as we are getting closer and closer to Junior's due date...

And lastly, manimal update: I did just barely finish Steeb's Jack-a-lope costume in time for his half birthday and halloween festivities. The pattern was really baggy all over, even though the size chart looked like the XL might not fit Steeb. I had to take it in in the arms already and am going to go back to fix the enormous neckline and too-baggy hood. The hood is so roomy that the weight of the antlers made it slip forward all the time. Since I am going to further customize the suit we decided it needed a pocket or two and maybe a flaming heart applique. Here's a quick picture from the day,we'll do a more fanciful photo shoot once the suit is closer to perfection.

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