Friday, September 25, 2009


There is some magical autumnal house cleaning going on(in other people's houses, not here) that has inspired so many donations recently to moth and squirrel. Plastic bags with sweaters left outside my studio door. Folks dropping off beloved well patched cashmere hoodies at the market booth.And yesterday I went over to a house to pick up random fabric/clothing from a woman who I first met as a customer at the Old Town Cafe. We sat in her living room and she told me about the pieces, artsy things she had worn in her younger days in California.

When I left I had this realization that I do more than sew from recycled materials.I provide a strange and intimate service. I give people a loving place to pass along their stories that are woven into outgrown clothing. No one wants the skirt they were wearing for their first kiss to end up in the anonymous warehouse of a thrift store. They want it to still be loved, even if they are no longer size four, or the moths have nibbled the elbows out or someone accidentally washed the favorite sweater. I take once beloved fabrics and turn them into new objects to love.

Thank you Bellingham for supporting my business with your luxury knits and for sharing your stories with me. I like to give $5 off for donations as a token of appreciation. And due to the lovely donations this week there will be 3 sweet cashmere johnny caps for babies and adults at the market this saturday.

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